Professionalism, Quality Care, Myofascial Release

I am a happy , satisfied and grateful client of Cheryl Drake-Bowers at Drake Neuromuscular Therapy. Cheryl is a highly trained Advanced Myofascial Release Therapist.  Myofascial Release is quite different from massage and physical therapy. I believe Cheryl, with her extensive experience looks much further into the body and sees so much more of what’s going on than a massage therapist or physical therapist is able to do . She will find the troublesome spot and in addition address related issues. Cheryl looks upon the client as a whole which results in a completely organic healing. I highly recommend Cheryl.

Vivienne Ramsey (Former soloist with Hamburg Ballet, Germany & 6 time  world exhibition Ballroom champion)

Meniscus Tear

2 years ago I tore my meniscus. I had the MRI, the doctor said the tear was due to arthritis. The doctor said that with a tear like mine, surgery may or may not work. I decided to just live with it and see what happened. Initially the knee seemed to be getting better. About a year after the tear, I noticed my knee starting to get very stiff, I had difficulty straightening my leg. I had chronic pain in my knee. My knee would swell after doing a lot of bending or standing. I remained active despite the pain. PT was not offered as a solution. I tried various options to improve my knee, nothing worked. I had reached the point where surgery seemed to be my only option. My mother gave me an appointment with Cheryl for my birthday. Cheryl was my last ditch effort. Thank goodness I tried it! I could tell I had a little movement back after the first appointment. This gave me hope. Cheryl has worked on my knee for 3 months. I would say that presently my knee is 85% better. My range of motion has increased, the strength in my knee has improved, my pain level has gone down significantly, my knee no longer swells when I am bending and using the knee a lot. This treatment has most likely saved me from having surgery! 

Shauna Miess

Heritage Creations LLC

Wrist pain and TMJD

For several years I suffered with pain in my right wrist.  The pain continued to worsen when I would write or perform any activity using my wrist.  My doctor advised me to wear a thumb splint and gave me a shot in my wrist at the end of November 2017 which lasted two months.  The pain returned and was worse.  I met a friend for lunch who recommended Cheryl.  I was skeptical at first since I had a “massage” before and it didn’t help.  There is definitely a difference in a massage versus advanced myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy.  After starting sessions with Cheryl in April 2018, I have been splint free and pain free.  Furthermore, she has worked with me to relieve the TMJ pain I experience.  I have had two disc replacement surgeries over 10 years ago. My jaw is holding up without medical intervention or drugs.  Thank you, Cheryl.

Beth Mims

"I went in to get a free massage at a shoe store and walked out knowing that Cheryl was the person to release the tension in my neck and shoulders that no other massage therapist seemed to relieve.  After just a short time, I have more flexibility, no chronic headaches and faith in Cheryl's ability to help my body age gracefully!"  -- Anne Kelly