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Complimentary event treatment.

Online registration is open. Text or call to find out if you are eligible for this complimentary event treatment.

July 21st 12-4 pm Clinic at Comfort Footworks


Foot Pain Clinics

  • Head, Neck, Jaw and Foot Pain Clinic at Comfort Footworks on July 21st 12-4 pm.  See the Scheduling page for details.
  • June 18th-Complimentary Event for Culinary Professionals, Medical Professionals, and teachers.  
  • June 20th and 27th at Comfort Footworks

Head, Neck and TMJD Pain Clinic

  • July 18th 11am-7 pm Complimentary Clinic for Head, Neck and TMJD (jaw) Pain. Registration is now open online



Schedule an appointment at Comfort Footworks in Matthews, NC for plantar fascitis, hammer toe and achilles tendonitis treatments.  Upcoming Clinics are scheduled for June 20th and June 27th from 3:30-7pm. These are fee based clinics that require prepayment and scheduling online.  On June 18th from 11am-7pm we will sponsor a complimentary clinic for Culinary professionals, Medical professionals and teachers with foot pain.  Online scheduling for this event will open on June 1st.


With years of professional speaking and practice in the field, Drake Neuromuscular Therapy can provide your next conference with compelling information on:

  • Advanced myofascial release
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
  • Structural support for childbirth
  • Structural approaches to treatment for pain relief
  • Guest therapist available for your complementary health based business. We will visit you for a day service to provide advanced clinical manual therapy services to your customers.